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Privacy Statement/disclaimers

Privacy statement

Treasury is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in section 14 of the Privacy Act 1988. A copy of Treasury’s full privacy policy, including how to access and make corrections to personal information held by Treasury, can be found on the Treasury website.

Publication of submissions

It is intended that all submissions not marked as confidential will be treated as public and may be placed on the Treasury website.

Unless requested, Treasury will not remove, and takes no responsibility for, the publication of any sensitive, personal or identifying details that appear in the body of the submission (including name and contact details).

Treasury has the discretion not to publish any submission it deems to be of an unsavoury nature or where it believes publication would contravene a Commonwealth, State or Territory law.

Confidential submissions

Authors of submissions who would like all of their submission to remain confidential (and not published on a website) should mark their submission as confidential and check the ‘no’ box below. Automatically generated confidentiality statements generated in email do not suffice for this purpose. Where part of a submission is to remain confidential, the ‘yes’ box should be checked and the information that is to remain confidential (and not published on a website) should be marked as such in a separate covering letter.

Please note that other legal requirements, such as those imposed by the Freedom of Information Act 1982, may affect the confidentiality of your submission.

Sharing submissions with other Commonwealth agencies

The submissions are managed by Treasury on behalf of the Commonwealth. It is intended that all submissions, including those marked as confidential, will be shared with Commonwealth agencies involved in assisting the Government to respond to the ACCC inquiry. Submissions marked as confidential will be treated as such by other agencies and will not be circulated further without the express permission of Treasury and the author. Treasury will retain sole responsibility for the publication of non-confidential submissions.

Personal information

Unless otherwise requested, all details that have been included within a non-confidential submission, including contact information, may be available on the Treasury website. A request may be made to withhold some or all personal information. We recommend that submitters remove any personal information that they do not want published prior to making a submission. We will not pass on personal information to a person who is not an official of the Australian Public Service, but once personal information has been published to the web, the Treasury does not have any control over its subsequent use and disclosure.

I acknowledge and consent to the above disclaimers and wish to proceed with my submission.
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