Digital Platforms Inquiry

Closed 12 Sep 2019

Opened 1 Aug 2019

Published responses

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The Government is inviting submissions on the final report of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Digital Platforms Inquiry.

We are seeking stakeholder comments on the ACCC’s findings and recommendations. In particular, we would welcome views on practical options for implementation, timing and any impediments or challenges.

Views gathered from this process will be considered by the Government in developing its response to the report.


On 26 July 2019 the Treasurer and the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts publicly released the final report of ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry. They announced a 12 week public consultation process for all interested parties to provide their views on the recommendations to Government. The 12 week public consultation process has been divided into a 6 week period for interested parties to make submissions on the report with the remainder of the time to be used for targeted consultation meetings. 

The report outlines 23 recommendations that respond to the substantial market power that has arisen through the growth of digital platforms, their impact on competition in media and advertising markets and implications for news media businesses, advertisers and consumers.

Further consultation

Treasury along with the Attorney General’s Department and the Department of Communications and the Arts will hold targeted consultation meetings after the close of submissions.


  • Businesses
  • Building/Construction industry
  • Businesses - large
  • Businesses - medium
  • Businesses - small /micro
  • Community organisations
  • Consumer groups
  • Economists
  • Energy sector
  • Environmentalists
  • Finance/Banking sector
  • Financial advisers
  • Food & Grocery sector
  • Foreign investors
  • Government - Commonwealth
  • Government - State and Federal
  • Government - State, territory or local
  • Government - State/territory
  • Individuals
  • Industry
  • Industry bodies
  • Industry association
  • Insurers
  • International organisations
  • Law professionals
  • Legislation developers
  • Lobby groups
  • Medical industry
  • Mining/Resources sector
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Peak body
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Superannuation professionals
  • Tax professionals
  • Teachers
  • Universities/Higher education bodies
  • Representative body
  • Sectoral peak bodies


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