AusNCP Peer Review 2021 - Stakeholder Survey

Closed 7 Jul 2021

Opened 3 May 2021


The AusNCP will undergo an OECD Peer Review in September 2021, with the final report to be published in 2022.

We welcome all our stakeholders to participate by submitting written and/ or verbal feedback to the Review Panel. There will also be an opportunity for government, business, union, civil society groups and parties to complaints, to meet with the Review Panel in small group sessions.

Submissions will be open until 7 July 2021.

The survey is also available as a Microsoft Word document to submit via email to


Adherent governments have to set up a National Contact Point (NCP) tasked with furthering the effectiveness of the Guidelines by undertaking promotional activities, handling enquiries, and providing a mediation and conciliation platform for resolving issues that arise from the alleged non‑observance of the Guidelines. Please see Part II of the booklet on the Guidelines for key provisions on core criteria and functioning of NCPs.


  • Businesses
  • Community organisations
  • Environmentalists
  • Individuals
  • Industry bodies
  • International organisations
  • Law professionals


  • All interests