Are our Beehives still fit for purpose?

Closed 23 Jul 2021

Opened 24 Jun 2021


It is important that we continually reflect on how we work to ensure we are working efficiently and utilising our resources optimally. One way we do this is through our Beehives.

CITD Beehives have been progressing the same five important topics (listed below) for a few years now. It is time to ask ourselves whether they are still right for our division? Currently, our Beehive topics are:

- Knowledge Management and Communication

- Capability

- Workflow

- Diversity and Inclusivity

- Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

The views we obtain through this survey will help us to determine whether we leave our Beehive as they are, or make changes.

Thank you for sharing your views.

What happens next

Thank you for participating in this consultation. Your views have been considered in determining whether changes need to be made to our Beehives.


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